Gabrielle Eisma wanted to go to 艺术 school and be surrounded by other 艺术ists only studying 艺术. For her, a liberal 艺术s education wasn’t a selling point for Calvin—it was a strike against it. 而是因为她想学习写作和艺术, 最后她进入了加尔文学院,在那里她可以同时主修这两个专业.

“我对文科的看法是错误的,”为这幅作品提供艺术素材的Eisma说. “它让我看到了很多联系. 正是加尔文的人文素养塑造了我的创作过程.”

Eisma并不是唯一一个认为博雅教育影响了她的工作的人. 在反思他们的加尔文教育时, Calvin graduates will inevitably remark on the merits of liberal 艺术s and how it’s changed them.


文科并不是一个简单的术语. “自由主义”这个词可能暗示着某种政治意识形态, 而“艺术”可能意味着对科学的忽视. 有时它用来描述跨学科的工作. 其他时候,文科似乎是人文学科的同义词.

早在1965年, the Calvin Curriculum Study Committee considered not even using the term because it means different things to different people. 最终, that faculty group wrote a 108-page document called the Christian Liberal Arts Education (CLAE), 从那时起,这就成为了课程决定的基础文件.

“我对文科的看法是错误的,”为这幅作品提供艺术素材的Eisma说. “它让我看到了很多联系. 正是加尔文的人文素养塑造了我的创作过程.” Gabrielle eisma, 22岁,| 美术学士学位

Professor emeritus Kenneth Pomykala served on the University Core Task Force in 2019–2020 and helped the task force to understand how foundational documentation like the CLAE should shape Calvin’s current decisions. He explained that the authors of CLAE retained the term “liberal 艺术s” to express one aspect that everyone agreed on: “that a liberal 艺术s education is one which is not aimed at equipping the student to hold down some specific occupation—meaning non-vocational and non-professional education.”

换句话说, a liberal 艺术s education is marked by learning opportunities that don’t have direct ties to the student’s professional aspirations. It’s a future 历史 teacher taking a 数学 course or someone who wants to become a chemist studying communication. It’s a broad education, with students taking courses from different disciplines simultaneously.

在加尔文,通过核心课程,文科对每个学生来说都是充满活力的. CLAE文件确立了第一个核心课程, 从那以后,有过几次迭代, 包括今年秋天开始的一个新版本.

核心这个术语是有意的. 大多数高等教育机构都认识到对普通教育的需求, 但加尔文的承诺更深.

“The gen ed label suggests that these courses are less important than the courses in a student’s major,英语教授查德·恩伯斯(Chad Engbers)说, 谁在核心过渡团队工作过. Core表明,这些课程是宝盈娱乐app平台所做一切事情的核心. 如果你切掉反应堆的核心,你就不会有反应了.”


“当学生学习不同学科的课程时, 他们开始建立联系,改变他们看待世界的方式,卡洛琳·安德森说, 化学和生物化学教授,新任命的核心主任. “Complexities are revealed that we might have otherwise missed because our disciplinary perspective was too narrow.”

“Our tendency as humans is to make things simple,” said psychology professor Julie Yonker. “宝盈娱乐app平台希望东西能整齐地放进盒子里. 但世界不是这样的——人是复杂的. 社会是复杂的.”

Liberal 艺术s education exposes students to disciplines and modes of learning that they might not gravitate toward. “它让你保持谦逊,”永清说. “Humility allows us to say that we don’t have all the answers within our field of study.”

安德森同意. “我不认为一个广阔的, liberal 艺术s education is going to enable someone single-handedly to solve the complex problems of the world. 相反,它让宝盈娱乐app平台理解为什么不同的观点是必要的. 文科让宝盈娱乐app平台看到,宝盈娱乐app平台需要更多的人参与进来.”


从定义上讲,文科课程不同于职业培训. 但一次又一次, it’s precisely the liberal 艺术s education that propels Calvin graduates in their careers.

“如果雇主雇佣了一个加尔文的毕业生,他们总是会回来再雇一个,塔丽塔·约翰逊说, 宝盈bbinAPP下载就业中心主任. “这是整个核心和专业的结合. 加尔文的学生有道德的指南针,智慧的马力和追求结果的动力. 他们不是典型的员工, 正是文科赋予了他们批判性思考的能力, 解决问题, 和灵活的.”

商业名誉教授卡尔·詹(Cal Jen)对此表示完全同意. “Breadth [of learning] allows students to adapt more quickly and easily to all areas— including business—of our rapidly changing world.”


改革宗:学生将从加尔文的“社区与承诺”课程开始,,介绍加尔文改革宗的基督教神学遗产. 在他们生命的最后一年, 他们会选“当代挑战和持久问题”,,邀请学生在基督徒见证世界的过程中实践他们的天职.

精益:更新后的核心需要更少的学分, 占学生总学分的30-40%. 毕业学分要求保持不变, 因此,学生将有能力选修更多的课程, 增加一个大调或小调, 甚至换专业,四年后仍能毕业.

灵活:与以前的迭代相比,学生有更多的选择. 例如, 而不是要求一个特定的哲学入门课程, students can choose a 哲学 course that interests them to satisfy a number of different categories.

广义:与其他核心课程一样, 学生将有机会在校园内上课, 像世界语言这样的学科, 宗教, 艺术, 音乐, 哲学, 历史, 自然科学, 社会科学, 数学, 健康和运动, 修辞, 和文学.

相关:学生带着问题、希望和抱负来到加尔文. 透过改革宗信仰的镜头, 学生们将了解多样性和差异, 全球文化能力, 和环境可持续性. 这些主题在整个课程中是分层的, 目的是让学生为基督教的服务生涯做好准备.


自2001年以来,核心数据从未经历过重大修订. A general sense from the faculty was that it needed an update to fit the new university structure and student needs.

One reason is that some programs need a higher number of credits to confer a degree as p艺术 of their accreditation. These higher credit loads meant that students wouldn’t be able to complete the core and their major requirement in four years, 于是,一系列的例外被批准了, 使核心脱节和不一致.

现在,核心已经被重新设想为所有学术项目的灵活和连贯. 它的设计也是为了吸引那些想上大学的潜在学生, 与他们的一生和职业生涯息息相关, 也忠于加尔文长期以来的承诺.

“We were finding that students considered core classes as less essential than their major courses,安德森说:“. “宝盈娱乐app平台想改变这一点.”

大学核心工作小组由Joel Westra担任主席, 政治学教授, 包括来自整个大学的教员. 教务长谢丽尔·布兰德森(Cheryl Brandsen)推动宝盈娱乐app平台进行创造性思考, 宝盈娱乐app平台的同事鼓励宝盈娱乐app平台平衡连贯性, 灵活性, 和纪律宽度. 在某种意义上, 宝盈娱乐app平台都不得不妥协, 但宝盈娱乐app平台最终得到的是宝盈娱乐app平台真正满意的东西,”Westra说.

“如果雇主雇佣了一个加尔文的毕业生,他们总是会回来再雇一个.” 塔里塔·约翰逊是加尔文职业中心的主任

核心课程已经是教师的一个亮点, 说恩贝, 他现在是学院的核心研究员之一. “过去两年,教职员工不得不不断面临裁员. The pandemic is forcing everyone to progressively get used to less and less,” 说恩贝. 与此相反,新的加尔文核心给教师提供了更多.”

新核心如何给予更多? 一个例子就是名为“社区与承诺”的新课程,这是学生们的第一学期. 不像所有学生都上过的核心课程, “Community and Commitments” seeks to provide all students with a common foundation for their time at Calvin. 学生们将阅读同一本书, 奥古斯丁的《宝盈bbinAPP下载》, 并建立广泛的改革思想基础.

Knowing that all students have a shared understanding and vocabulary will allow professors to st艺术 discussions in future classes at a deeper level.

“The ‘Community and Commitments’ course already is bringing together faculty from across the university to reflect upon and to discuss the meaning and significance of a Reformed Christian approach to learning,”Westra说. “Just as we want our students not to limit themselves to narrow disciplinary perspectives, 新的核心也鼓励宝盈娱乐app平台作为教师不断拓宽宝盈娱乐app平台的视野.”



作者David Koetje,生物学

Headlines in recent years haven’t always been positive about the future of liberal 艺术s. 但现在就为文科写墓碑还为时过早. 事实上, 面对21世纪的复杂挑战, 我相信人文学科将会复苏.

为什么? The problems the world faces today are not problems that can be addressed by one discipline alone.

让宝盈娱乐app平台以食品安全问题为例. 宝盈娱乐app平台怎样才能保证每个人都有好的食物,同时又能成为环境的好管家呢?

这是一个复杂的全球性问题. 作为一名生物学家,我不能假装自己对这个问题无所不知. 宝盈娱乐app平台需要从社会和行为科学的角度出发. 宝盈娱乐app平台需要了解食物是如何与文化和语言交织在一起的. Insights from political science, communication, 历史, agriculture, and geography are also crucial. A complex challenge like this calls for concerted action based on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary problem-solving.

博雅教育为从事这类工作的人作准备. 当学生选修专业以外的课程时, 他们不仅仅是在学习这门学科的技能和事实, 他们正在学习在不同领域思考的重要性. 他们正在学习如何提出对生物学家很重要的问题, 政客们, 农民, 和社会学家. These questions take us outside the boxes of each discipline in ways that recognize the multi-dimensional nature of the challenge and promote creative, 可持续发展的, 和解决方案.

What the world needs right now is more liberal 艺术s graduates with the skills and the motivation to meet these complex challenges. And we need to be talking about how a Calvin education achieves this through the interplay between our major programs and our new core.