有些决定很容易被忘记——你上周二早餐吃了什么?-有些人会跟着你. 作为有信仰的人, we ask God for help in guiding our choices 和 sometimes have a hard time trusting that he is leading us in the right direction. We asked some 人 in the Calvin 社区 to share about 决定 they have made that have 改变d their lives.




Sometimes a person’s destiny rests upon a single decision. 类似地,有时一个程序的命运也取决于一个单一的决定. I was a member of the first cohort of the Calvin Prison Initiative (CPI). This program provides a Calvin education to inmates at the Richard A. H和lon Correctional Facility in Ionia, Michigan.

Within weeks of arriving at H和lon, 被监禁的学生们得知一个重要的访客要来了, 认证机构的代理人. This person’s decision determined whether CPI was fully accredited.

CPI的导演, 托德Cioffi, 解释了什么是危险的,并告诉宝盈娱乐app平台宝盈娱乐app平台只需要坐在那里,让那个人环顾四周. As Todd left for home that day, we gathered in a gameday huddle. Someone asked, “Are we really going to do nothing?我的回答以一个我在这篇文章里写不出来的词开头,以“不”结尾!” With that, CPI students made a decision to get to work.

Creative students designed pamphlets. 大胆的演讲者准备了演讲. Administratively skilled students coordinated the unfolding of events. Someone even practiced a song on an acoustic guitar!

第二天, 监狱的监狱长, 考非董事, 认证员大步走进教学楼,突然停了下来,瞪大了眼睛. CPI students with informational pamphlets waited on them. 他们手里拿着小册子,被领进教室,坐了下来. 激昂的演讲者们上前陈述申请认证的理由. 下一个, the musician played guitar 和 sang. 后来, CPI students took turns expressing their gratitude to the accreditor, 导演, 和管理员.

那天当他们离开教室时,托德转向宝盈娱乐app平台,竖起了大拇指. 这个项目是经过认证的.




在我上高中和大学期间,我对法律和戏剧都产生了浓厚的兴趣. 我在纽约市区长大,有机会看了很多百老汇的演出. 我就读于加尔文学院,是一个戏剧团体的成员,这个团体当时被称为“演员”(Thespians).

After college I decided to pursue the law, 尤其是审判法, 哪一个, 在某种程度上, is theater where the stakes are for real. I clerked for the Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court  after law school for a year 和 then served three years as a criminal prosecutor, 在严重的重罪, 包括多起谋杀案. 后来我加入了一家私人律师事务所,成为合伙人,在那里我审理了许多民事和刑事案件. Twelve years later I was appointed to the bench by the governor of Minnesota 和 served as a trial judge for 20 years.

In addition to performing my normal trial duties, I created two specialty courts that were nationally recognized. The first was a special criminal court that processed cases in 哪一个 the persons charged were afflicted with a mental illness. The court was staffed with both correctional officers 和 social workers that saw to it that these individuals received the services 和 medications that would help them stay out of the criminal justice system. The second was a special criminal court that processed cases in 哪一个 the persons charged were armed services veterans, many of whom had PTSD 和 related substance abuse problems. 本法庭与退伍军人管理局密切合作,为这些人提供必要的服务.

During my legal career, my personal life was just as busy. My wife, Gwen 和 I adopted six children. In addition to raising a large family, both my wife 和 I became strong advocates for adoption 和 had an active h和 in establishing an adoption agency that specializes in hard to place children. Having a child with  autism made us acutely aware of the number of children with special needs in need of an adoptive family.

我和妻子是在加尔文相识的,宝盈娱乐app平台的共同兴趣之一就是对戏剧的热爱. We shared this interest with our children as they were growing up by attending local productions in Minnesota 和 traveling to New York City several times a year to visit family 和 see Broadway shows.

After retiring from the bench 和 my legal career, 宝盈娱乐app平台的孩子长大了, 我和妻子花了更多的时间在纽约看百老汇和外百老汇的演出. It was through one of my daughters that I was introduced to a young Broadway producer who was producing the Fortieth Anniversary Revival of Godspell. 我和妻子第一次看《上帝之咒》是在70年代的波士顿,宝盈娱乐app平台都很喜欢这部剧. It was then that I decided to “dip my toe” into the business of creating Broadway shows by signing on as a co-producer, 和其他, 正如他们所说, 是历史.

Looking back on my legal career 和 personal life, 我因有创造力而茁壮成长, solving problems 和 building new ways 对我来说et 人’s needs. 这些属性, combined with my passion for the theater have taken me on an amazing adventure in Broadway producing these past 10 years, including two Tony nominations 和 one Tony award. 澄清事实, 然而, 也有失败, including a show that the critics absolutely hated, 和 we had to close after a couple of months. I loved that show just as much, if not more, than the winners.

尽管大流行已经关闭了百老汇,但为百老汇准备演出的工作仍在继续. In 2022 we will be bringing a musical based upon the life 和 music of Neil Diamond to the Great White Way. It just so happens that my wife 和 I went on our first date to a Neil Diamond concert in the Calvin Fieldhouse. 谁能想到? God’s plan has brought us full circle.



我决定搬到3个以上,000 miles from home.

When I was in high school in El Salvador, 我决定搬到3个以上,离家千里来到一个我从未去过的地方——加尔文大学学习.

I wanted to attend college in the States, but I imagined a secular school in New Engl和 or the West Coast. 我从来没听说过大急流城. The vice principal of my school encouraged me to apply to Calvin because he knew I was a Christian 和 had a strong academic record.

At the time, I was pretty hesitant. 我被许多美国大学录取.S. 大学,但经济援助计划不足以让我的家庭受益. College felt like a lost cause for me. 然后,宝盈bbinAPP下载过来了. 我不确定我是否有勇气自己做决定, but it was clear that God’s h和 was directing me to Calvin.

刚开始的几个小时的国际培训肯定了我来对地方了. 我遇到了来自世界各地的学生,也逐渐适应了新的文化. 作为一名学生, I had an amazing experience—serving as an RA, 主要学生组织, 向教授学习. I truly fell in love with the 社区 at Calvin 和 in West Michigan. 我甚至呆了五年完成了会计硕士课程.



林赛Gutbrod 92

I accepted Jesus as my Lord 和 Savior.

The decision that 改变d everything for me happened my freshman year at Calvin when I accepted Jesus as my Lord 和 Savior. I’d grown up with the Bible but had misunderstood the gospel. I’d spent my life attempting to atone for my sin with good behavior instead of putting my 信仰 in the finished work of Christ on the cross.

I transferred to Calvin to be at a Christian college where I assumed I’d meet friends who were legalists (like me!). Instead I found peers who were joyfully assured of their salvation. 他们在圣经的权威下过着有道德的生活,但都是和平的. 这个充满快乐的, 顺从的生活对一个每天都紧张的人来说是一个令人耳目一新的惊喜, 试图“得到”拯救.

After years of trying to earn God’s favor, 我把我的生命交给了他, praying alone in my dorm room to receive the Lord. My life became an outpouring of thankfulness. 我的灵魂可以安息,他是我的主我知道我永恒的未来是安全的.

I also realized that I had a responsibility to share the gospel with others who might be as confused as I had been. 这带来了一生的职业机会:在Cru的暑期服务项目, five years in Hungary working with Protestant churches, 在密歇根和宝盈娱乐app平台当地的教堂一起,作为两个孩子的家庭教育母亲.

我相信每一天都是一个机会,让我起床去服事神, 即使是最平凡的事情. By staying in his word 和 connected to a local church, 他给了我方向和机会,让我成为他伟大使命的一部分.


Ciarra Adkins的11


I always knew I wanted to be an attorney; as a child I lined up stuffed animals 和 held court sessions. 我的家人从密歇根州的底特律搬到了密歇根州的大急流城,在那里我遇到了已故的Hon. 本杰明H. 洛根. 他庇护着我,使我成为一名律师的梦想变得可以实现. 在大学和法学院期间,我要照顾兄弟姐妹,还要全职工作. 那是非常艰难的几年,但我最终以全班前三名的成绩毕业.

The decision to open a solo practice was never a part of my plan. 我想加入一个拥有律师社区的大公司,但我再也没有找到一份书记员的工作. 作为一个结果, 洛根 offered me a clerkship upon graduation, but he died before that opportunity came to pass, 和 I lost my greatest mentor 和 support system.

I passed the bar exam 和 continued working my day job. I distinctly remember attending an attorney gathering years ago; everyone was so kind 和 welcoming 和 offered to help make connections. 第二年, 相同的聚会, 人, 和文字, 但这一次,他们的建议听起来毫无意义,因为尽管我尽了最大的努力,但还是没有得到一个面试机会. 我记得我在回家的路上一路哭着,因为我非常想找到一份合法的工作. Another year passed without a single interview.

I prayed 和 asked God for guidance. It became clear that the only way I would practice law in west Michigan was by establishing a solo practice. 这是一个令人泄气的决定, 这不是我想做的——但我不知怎么知道这是上帝想让我做的.

Now, three years later I am doing God’s work. AQUME Law has filled a much needed gap for accessible business 和 intellectual property legal services for several local small businesses of color. +, I recently hired a paralegal 和 I wouldn’t have made the same equitable impacts that my firm has achieved if I followed my own plan. 虽然有时很困难,但我很高兴我终于听从了上帝的话.




I love to do everything fast, 和 I can be ambitious. I can plan out my life ahead to the smallest detail. For me, these personality traits lead to over-worrying 和 anxiety. That anxiety increased throughout 2020, as I studied at Calvin remotely with a 12-hour time difference.

我不能集中精力上课, 和 I was worried I might fail—or that I might have an emotional breakdown whenever something bothered me. 我从我的导师Julie Yonker和我父母的支持中学到了很多. 我决定放慢脚步,享受上帝赐予我的祝福. 我学会了放松我的大脑,因为宝盈娱乐app平台的情绪是由宝盈娱乐app平台的大脑控制的. 我开始把我的焦虑转移到我的爱好上,这些爱好需要我做一些体力活,比如烘焙.

Once I started to learn to control my emotions, I started to feel calmer 和 could focus on what’s important. 我很感激我的支持体系,我有一个可以依靠的上帝来帮助我.




2003年,我开始在加尔文教书,被宝盈娱乐app平台“为shalom而教育”的使命所激励.” My job is helping students to discern their gifts 和 inviting them to commit wholeheartedly to the work of renewing God’s world—a fallen but ultimately good place in 哪一个 ostriches 和 oceans, 文化和气候模式, 科学和灵性, food systems 和 the bodies they nourish are woven through divine love into a marvelous cosmic adventure where human creatures made in the divine image seek the flourishing of all creatures.


马特Halteman recently contributed to an app that helps Christians contemplate God’s call to care for animals. His contribution heads up Week 2 on the topic of “Creation,,特别是, the vision of Shalom—full-flourishing across an all-species creaturely kinship—that animates the Judeo-Christian creation narrative. 该应用程序可在以下网站找到: http://sarx.org.uk/latest-news/40daysguide/

One great reward of teaching at Calvin is that students whose imaginations catch fire for this vision tend to hold their professors’ feet to it. Such students wondered how a shalom-minded, climate-concerned, 爱狗的教授竟然如此不假思索地坚持吃动物.

到了2005年,我已经承受着学生们要求我在课堂上探讨这些问题的压力. I decided to withdraw a proposal for an interim course on boredom (!) 和 teach one on creation care instead. “和平王国”是一门邀请学生考虑神学的课程, 道德, 以及宝盈娱乐app平台目前对动物的态度和行为对环境的影响. Given the unbecoming irony of preaching (without practicing) the importance of practicing what one preaches, I decided to err on the side of caution 和 go vegan for interim.

立志成为素食主义者 began as a three-week experiment. 没有戏剧性的终身承诺. 没有因为作弊而自责.

这个决定是15年前的事了, 和, 你可能已经猜到了, that simple practice of opening a window to shalom has stuck with me. I have no illusions that I live a perfect or pure or “cruelty-free” life. 立志成为素食主义者, 对我来说, 意思是努力过一种充满对上帝造物的同情的生活.

Like aspiring to be a follower of Jesus, aspiring to live compassionately toward animals is more about striving toward a goal than arriving at one. But there is progress on the journey. A reluctant experiment became a joyful way of life. A moment of curiosity matured into a scholarly calling. 我现在看到了聪明, social pigs where once I saw only bacon 和 an all-creatures kinship where once I could imagine only human domination over things.