Calvin’s centers and institutes provide the time and space for scholars to pursue robust study and 研究 in their fields. These centers strive to further the mission of the university and contribute to local, 国家, and global conversations on a variety of issues from preaching to politics.


Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship (CCCS)

Founded in 1976, the CCCS supports and enables scholars from a wide variety of academic fields to produce books, 文章, 讲座, conferences, 等., dealing with issues of public concern and areas of Christian scholarship.

Calvin Center for 信仰 and Writing (CCFW)

The CCFW seeks to create space for conversations about faith and writing and to create a culture of active, discerning readers, particularly through the biennial Festival of 信仰 and Writing.

Calvin Center for Innovation in Business (中国商检局)

In support of the Calvin Business Department, the CCIB provides educational and networking opportunities to ensure students are well-equipped for business careers.

Center for Social Research (CSR)

The CSR employs students and recent graduates to conduct social-scientific 研究 projects, striving to be a valued learning partner for all who seek wisdom-driven social 研究 and development.

H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies

The Henry Meeter Center offers extensive 研究 collections on John Calvin, 加尔文主义, the Reformation, and Early Modern Studies, which has attracted scholars from all over the world.

Van Lunen Center: Executive Management in Christian Schools

The Van Lunen Center trains heads of schools in executive management from a Christian-based perspective, primarily through its year-long Fellows program.


Calvin Institute of Christian 敬拜 (CICW)

The Calvin Institute of Christian 敬拜 promotes the renewal and scholarly study of Christian worship by co-sponsoring the Symposium on 敬拜 and offering the Vital 敬拜 Grants Program (and other resources).

Clean Water Institute of Calvin University (CWICU)

The CWICC supports projects, 研究, and learning dedicated to lasting solutions for water safety and aims to inspire a generation of young people to address the problem.

De Vries Institute for Global 教师 Development

The de Vries Institute at Calvin University exists to strengthen the connection between faith and learning. We provide deep learning and wide-ranging resources for Christian educators and leaders around the globe and across the range of academic disciplines.

Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and 学习

The Kuyers Institute promotes Christian reflection on every aspect of education, from pre-kindergarten to college, by publishing 研究, developing resources, and providing training.

Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity

The Nagel Institute links Christian scholars worldwide in order to promote a deeper understanding of world Christianity and to strengthen Christian intellectual movements.

保罗B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics

The Henry Institute promotes serious reflection on the interplay between Christianity and public life in areas of scholarship, leadership, and citizen involvement.